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In this fast-paced changing world, it's vital to keep up with today's marketplace, technology, and social environments.

Ark Marketing Group is an innovative, full-service boutique marketing agency based in Honolulu, Hawaii with, over twenty years of professional advertising, marketing, communication experience.

We provide Traditional & Digital Marketing & Advertising services.

We’re a collective team of creative thinkers who engage in helping small businesses attract more recognition to their brand. We approach each individual, company, and organization with integrity, sophistication, and professionalism. Ark Marketing Group contributes to the communities we serve in the highest regard.

When it comes to branding, marketing, advertising, increasing business revenue, being equipped with the right tools and strategies, the Ark Marketing Group team is here to serve you.

“Understanding the power of consistency compounds in advertising, marketing strategies, and utilizing resources are instrumental in sustaining your business.” —Marilyn Cariaga, Director & Owner

With over twenty years of experience working in advertising, marketing, and communications, Marilyn Cariaga is inspired by the opportunities to help start-ups, small businesses, and non-profits aligned with the greater good.

She fully understands the power of advertising and marketing and has helped many businesses; she desires to help you succeed in your business endeavors.

As your digital marketing agency, we’ll help your customers find you and improve your positioning because we truly understand that your phone ringing, walk-in traffic, and inquiries get you closer to a customer for a lifetime of value.

Action. Results. Knowledge.
Do You Need Help With Marketing Your Business?

At Ark Marketing Group, we are passionate about business, organizations, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and helping companies to reach their highest potential. 

Our team works remotely and in person in Oahu, Hawaii. (Covid-19 Compliant) to provide you with tools, advertising and marketing strategies for the 21st century,  specific to your brand. 

Local, National, and Globally, No matter your location, with today’s technology, we are seamless.

We understand and have experience with the local marketing and advertising in Hawaii. Including Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii island 

Your ideas. We make it happen.

Ark Marketing Group is dedicated to creating marketing and advertising solutions for the success and sustainability of your company.

The "Aloha Spirit" combined with Global Experience​

Our source of inspiration derived from the meaning of aloha. To be in the presence and exchange the breath of life. We believe aloha is portrayed in the things we do to help others, not merely by the words we say. It is also reciprocal with all of our partnerships.

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