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Pro Tips

Your Business Matters

Updating websites, photos, messaging, improving SEO, and local or global presence online is an ongoing must-do for today’s business environment.

We help provide leads and opportunities to ensure our client’s success. Whether online or offline, advertising and marketing strategies are unique to each client.

Leads no matter what form; referrals, phone call, or form submissions (email inquiry) gets you closer to your ideal client.

With effective advertising and marketing, your business will have a better chance of succeeding.

To your success!

Marilyn Cariaga

How to get your existing business relevant today? Branding basics – who is your audience, how will you reach your target market using today’s social tools?

Although social media is free, knowing how and what to communicate; visually, verbally, in writing is essential to get your brand to “top of mind awareness.” #Photos #Video #Blogging

Many are rocking it in the digital marketplace for sure! At times though, you’ll see a new or existing business “posting,” and it’s not the essence of the brand. There’s a disconnect. We applaud businesses for doing something to market their business.

To achieve better results, to get the “brand” out there, introducing a new product or service, here’s a pro tip: Take the time to evaluate your brand, the vision, and goals to achieve in 6 months to a year, and beyond. Craft your message accordingly and refresh your brand image and message for today’s marketplace. #AttractYourPayingClient

Marilyn Cariaga

Digital marketing, advertising; google ads, google products, and other platforms are powerful when done right. Opportunity for clients to increase awareness, desire, interest, close the offer. 

The funnel of attracting qualified clients along in their journey is referenced by having knowledge and application=measured results. It’s a micro + micro + macro. Close the sale, complete service. Hence this is only one part of the dynamic of attracting potential clients to achieve the desired goal. 

Marilyn Cariaga

It’s not the all inclusive form of measurement, however, with analytics, we have a form of measurement which allows us to continue and or improve the strategies we’ve instilled and direction we’ve mapped out for our desired goals. 

Is your brand consistent in it’s messaging?

From t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, umbrella,  outdoor tents, banners & more. Utilizing different touch elements from screen printing, embroidery, embossing, etc. we provide an excellent opportunity for our clients to build out their brand.

We are able to source for our client’s promotional and merchandise for their business.

Ark Marketing Group

The New Customer Service

Technology has changed the face of familiarity with customer service. As we source online products, we inadvertently connect to various local, countries due to the outsourcing of customer service support.

Communication Skills on both sides (you & merchant) at times may be challenging. Here are helpful hints for businesses to navigate customer service. Also, insights on experiences of “customer service.”

When speaking to a customer service representative in a different local, the different meanings or understanding of questions and answers, pronunciation, tonality & speed of speech may differ from yours.

Successful KEYPOINTS with Customer Service via Phone:

1. Log into your online account. (if applicable)

2. Have your identification or reference number readily available.

3. Call. Greet. Be patient & kind.

4. Ask clear questions. What is the main reason for your call? If there is a misunderstanding, ask the same question differently.

5. Listen carefully, do not interrupt during the customer service representative response.

6. Create a mutual dialogue between both of you with the goal of solving your issue.  

7. When communication is difficult, say “thank you” and end the call. Call the establishment back, to get a different Customer Service Representative. 

There are many outstanding customer service individuals in the world. We are individuals & do not have all the answers to every question asked. 

Ark Marketing Group

Experiences in one seating.

Food quality. Taste. Presentation. Experience. 

In Waikiki, the restaurant staff fumbled many times at a large chain restaurant.

The bread was hard as a rock (the server changed it out three times). I got *compensated with a Caesar Salad (I had to wait for my dinner). They gave my order to the wrong table. I accepted the salad; it lacked taste and had way too much Caesar Dressing; Poke did not say spicy on the menu, the heat was coming out of our ears (I sent it back). I finally got my order, & my salad greens were wilted (was the vegetables old?) and drenched again in dressing.

I got an apology (the manager was well aware of the mishaps, 26 people on the line); he *compensated my dinner + $5 off. Thoughtful & kind (making the experience somehow suitable for the customer).

How likely do you think a customer will return from this experience? There is a high probability a customer dining in Waikiki (travelers, locals) will return to the same restaurant due to the overall experience. Instead of one visit, get three-plus in a year. #KeepYourProfitsUp

Take the time to invest in ongoing training for the entire team to work in the best efficiency, (not a 15 minute walkthrough or rah rah) to reduce amount of mishaps. Let’s win.

Marilyn Cariaga